Enterprise essential – Clarity of purpose

In a social enterprise with a ‘triple bottom line’ of social, financial and environmental objectives, you need to agree the balance between people, profit and the planet and how far you’re prepared to compromise your values for financial viability.


1 thought on “Enterprise essential – Clarity of purpose

  1. adrianashton

    many commentators often refer to this ‘triple bottom line’, but my experience of being part of, and walking alongside, various social enterprises over the last 15 years is that most don’t encompass the environmental strand – unless its their core purpose, in which case it supplants the ‘social’;
    but maybe I’ve just had a very sheltered life?

    regardless, I’ve found that many respond well to the ‘organised abandonment’ tool in reflecting on how they agree the balance between commercial trading and loss-leading support initiatives – well worth looking up if you aren’t already familiar with it


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