Beyond the stiff upper lip

Day 30 MoThis blog post is re-issued to mark Time to Talk Day – 4 Feb 2016 (

Day 20 and my face fungus is progressing considerably better than my fundraising effort for Movember (but more about that later… )

We all know that ‘keeping a stiff upper lip’ is the traditional (British?) response to adversity – particularly for men who, like me, had a privileged education in a boys’ boarding school. I imagine it was like that in the two World Wars and, in relation to men’s mental health today,  it’s still the recommended remedy from well-meaning people who know no better.

If, like me, you’ve experienced clinical depression you’ll know that ‘keeping a stiff upper lip’ is not the answer. For me and many others it helped to talk and that’s why I’m using my top lip this month for something more positive – to start conversations about men’s health – not just about our mental wellbeing, but also testicular and prostate cancer.

Like last year, I’m growing a silly moustache for Movember – because every enquiry about the whiskery wonder on my top lip is a chance to talk about men’s health.

It’s not too late for you to get involved.

Just go up to anyone with a moustache (beards don’t count) particularly if it looks like it might have been growing for only 20 days, and ask them about Movember. If they don’t know anything about it, tell them! And you can also direct them to these tips on keeping well

And yes, since you ask, I have been seeing my doctor about my enlarged prostate that gets me up in the middle of the night. The next rectal examination is on Tuesday – wish me (and my GP!) luck.

PS Did I mention that you can help with my top lip challenge? To support the fun, fund and awareness-raising work of the Movember Foundation, click here

The stiff upper lip revisted

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