Balding and blogging


LawnMowerHeadI had a beard for 25 years. I grew it to look older and shaved in off to look younger. A similarly flexible response to the hair on my head is not possible. I’ve been balding slowly for the past 20 years which, as observed by comedian Harry Hill, means that each year I’ve had more face to wash.

I haven’t lost it (my hair) completely, but I’ve little enough to close crop it so as not to draw attention to the boundary between what’s hair and what’s bare. I like to think that balding doesn’t bother me and one of the ways we slapheads try to show this is by laughing at follically-challenged (or should that be ri-bald?) jokes.

The other week I heard two jokes about baldness on the same day (you wait ages for a bus etc ….) They were told by two men at two events at different ends of the day. The joke-tellers were definitely thinning on top; in fact, one looked like his head was shaved – baby’s bot style. I think the two jokes are worth telling.

Joke 1:

Balding Man: When I go to the barbers my haircut costs me more

Hirsute Man: Why’s that?

Balding Man: They charge me a search fee

Joke 2:

Balding Man: I draw little rabbits on my bald spot

Hirsute Man: Why’s that?

Balding Man: From a distance they look like hares

Yes, we can all joke about hair loss but for some it’s no laughing matter.

The boss of one of my relations didn’t believe him when he said he was stressed out with his workload until his hair started falling out. They finally got the message, but he’s had to shave his head ever since; if left to grow it would emerge in clumps.

Then there’s a friend who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s just started the 21-week treatment and is preparing to lose her hair (which is expected to grow back). She’s also confronting the immediate future by writing a daily blog for personal reflection, to express her feelings and, knowing her, in the hope it will help others.

It’s certainly given me insights and, further equipped with some good advice for well-meaning but ill-informed people like me – see and I’ll think twice before I tell my next hair joke… and then probably tell it.

If you’d like to read my friend’s blog, go to…no$002c_I$0027m_a_Gemini

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