Pooing in public places

heath-poo-2There’s something puzzling up on the Heath near where I live. It’s an area much-used by dog-walkers and, for the most part, the dogs’ owners seem to be a responsible bunch when it comes to their (dog’s) poo. The Heath is well provided for with red bins which fill up quickly.

Recently a new red bin was installed near the woods at the back of the Heath. That too  was soon filled but, just as quickly, it was sealed up (with the filled bags inside for all I know – I guess we’ll find out for sure when the weather warms up…)

Why the sudden change of heart I wonder? We’ll probably find out it’s a case of the left hand not coordinating with the right; that the people who install red bins are not the same people who empty them, and no one thought to arrange for the new bin to be added to the round.

Whatever the reason, in my experience such unexplained silliness can be like a red rag (or should that be red bin?) to otherwise responsible dog owners. They don’t seem to realise they can use the ordinary rubbish bins for their poo bags and either leave them at the base of the bin or, worse still, hang them on bushes and trees to the disgust of most of us. Yes, If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to ‘hit the fan’ as it were on local social media, it’s bags of dog poo hanging in trees. Most people would prefer to see those responsible left hanging in the trees.

Once under attack, dog owners tend to come out snarling. I recently read one respondent asking ‘why don’t riders have to clear up their horses’ sh*t’? Well the main reason is diet madam; horse dung is relatively odourless, it doesn’t stick to your shoes (unless the horse in question overdid it on curry and beers the night before) and it’s good for making things grow (cue joke about putting manure on your rhubarb rather than custard…)

horse-diaperYou may not know that, in York at least, the horses have been known to wear nappies. To be more precise, the nappies that were piloted thirteen years ago – to capture the ‘emissions’ of the horses pulling tourists around in carriages – have now been adapted to look more like hammocks for… cats and dogs. And if the carriage drivers have any entrepreneurial acumen, they’ll sell off the manure as Yorkshire’s finest.


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