Green and Grey Repurpose – hanging around

In early May I was in York waiting to meet a group of former school friends (yes, some of us are still in touch after over 40 years) for a meal. By chance, opposite the restaurant I noticed a shop  that was closing down – everything must go etc.

I’m always one for a bargain and, it being a camping and outdoors outlet, I was sure I’d find something to match my interest in running and walking.

There were some great discounts – the shop was due to close in a matter of days – but it was a box of wooden coat-hangers being sold off in bundles that attracted my attention. Five minutes later I was poorer by £6 but richer by 30 wooden hangers. I’d already seen ideas for re-purposing them on the internet and, at 20 pence each, I could afford to make a mistake or two.

Anyone can look online for inspiration and there are some great examples of how people have made weird and wonderful creations from this humble, but well-crafted piece of kit. They may look mass produced but I soon discovered that many of the coathangers I’d bought were slightly different which adds interest and a challenge.

My first bargain souvenir creation from York is a ‘hanger-hanger’. Based on one I’d seen elsewhere I’ve added my own design feature. I’m happy with the way it’s turned out but functionality has always been my test for re-purposing projects and it works particularly well on that front.

Next up is a simple small table using four hangers, but I’ve also seen lampshades made from coathangers, a plate rack, and even a coathanger chair (I hope it’s more comfortable than it looks!)


So, next time you’re hanging around keep your eyes and mind open – you might find inspiration for a creative project in the most unlikely place when you’re least expecting it – I did.

For other re-purposing projects go to 

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