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The story so far…

This is Greece, not Royston

We are David Waters and Chris Lee – two ‘mature’ blokes who have a passion for making things by hand – mainly using materials that are reclaimed because it’s cheaper, less wasteful and we like a challenge.

We’ve been making things for homes and garden independently in Royston, 13 miles from Cambridge, for the past five years. We met by chance at a community breakfast (eating a Full English gives us almost as much pleasure as crafting items from other people’s waste materials).

We work well together. Chris likes putting a twist on other people’s ideas and writing about our passion to create. David takes time to turn out quality products (though it’s obviously more difficult to do so with things like old pallets and bikes destined for the scrap heap, and sometimes off it).

See below for more about the two of us.

The fun for us both is getting hands-on with turning someone’s waste into something for others to treasure. Most items are ‘made to measure’ with people telling us what they want; that’s really satisfying (and it also keeps us out of trouble) .

Why are we telling you this? Because we believe the story behind the products we make is almost as important as finding good homes for them. For us it’s also appreciating that …

Grey might mean old to some (and it does describe the colour of our hair) but to us it suggests maturity and sophistication. We’re here to breathe new life and style into whatever we create – age is only a state of mind and if we need a bit of head-scratching to do that, no problem .

Green no longer means brown rice and sandals, to us it’s a bright new future that demands we live lightly, creatively re-using what might end up in landfill, changing habits to ensure there’s enough for generations to come.

We work with our children and (in David’s case) grandchildren in mind.

Bespoke and unusual doesn’t have to mean expensive. We delight in getting away from anything resembling ‘mass-production’, we use our hands rather than expensive equipment (but we can bore for England about our pallet dismantler). We take time to make something you’ll value – otherwise, why bother?    

About us

Chris Lee

Chris has worked more than 40 years with charities and social enterprises on marketing, funding, and organisational development, the first 20 years with a publisher of books on Latin America and the Caribbean. For the past 20 years he’s been working in advisory and business support roles, most recently spending 2.5 years with the Prince’s Trust helping young people to set up their own businesses.

He currently works part time mentoring long term unemployed people while pursuing his passions for Men’s Sheds (he set up The Repair Shed in Hemel Hempstead), repairing (through the Royston Repair Cafe) and, of course, reclaiming and making things from waste materials. He also runs (he’s a parkrun regular) sings (with the Royston Choral Society) and blogs about ‘enterprise essentials’.

David Waters

The phrase ‘portfolio careercould have been invented for David who is a man of many talents with a past in everything from banking to taxi driving and, currently, lawn care. He also works with his wife on a family history research business, while a more contemporary family pastime – childminding his first grandchild – also keeps him out of trouble.

Somehow, he also finds time to pursue creative interests – writing, photography, videography and making items for homes and gardens using wood, metal and glass. His creativity also extends to publishing regular vlogs (video posts) on YouTube on golf which means, of course, he has to get a round or two in whenever he can.

If you like what you see on our Green & Grey product pages , or you’d like to discuss a commission, call David for a chat on  07932 156698 or e-mail him on (No, before you ask, I don’t know about the mouse connection…)


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