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The Repair Shed™ is being set up under the umbrella of Community Action Dacorum (CAD) – a 60 year old charity and company limited by guarantee based in Hemel Hempstead – in partnership with Sunnyside Rural Trust and other member organisations working across Dacorum.

Working well: Signposting resources to promote the health and wellbeing of organisations and the people who work in them. Details about relevant resources – articles, websites, guides etc will be updated monthly through an e-bulletin reproduced on this site.

Better Business: tries to make sense of the rich supply of information about social enterprise and business development more generally. Not all is new; some documents and sources stand the test of time, but Twitter and LinkedIn are a constant source of new insights as are blogs from people like David Floyd http://beanbagsandbullsh1t.com/.

Grey matters: This section embraces a random mix of items that encourage active ageing – through healthy lifestyles, lifelong learning, life hacks that make living that much smoother, and a few laughs to make the journey more fun.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing                George Bernard Shaw 


About me – Chris Lee

I have 35 years experience in the not-for-private-profit sector, including training and advice roles in marketing and funding. For the past 14 years I’ve been involved in social enterprise development, including four years with Social Enterprise East of England.

In the past decade, I’ve founded the Royston Time Bank, co-founded the Royston Freecycle Group and, most recently, organised the first three cash mobs in Hertfordshire.

We launched the Royston Repair Café in early 2014 and the first Community Repair Day in Dacorum in June. More on this, and fixing more generally, at www.facebook.com/pages/The-Repair-Shed

After more than a decade advising others about developing social enterprises (I have a SFEDI business adviser accreditation with a specialism in social enterprise) I feel I am at a certain age and stage in my life of having ‘talked talk’ it’s now time to the talk’!


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