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light-bulb-new-businessAbout Better Business… tries to make sense of the rich supply of information about social enterprise and business development more generally. Not all is new; some documents and sources stand the test of time, but Twitter and LinkedIn are a constant source of new insights.

It’s suggested that running a social enterprise is 80% the same as running a for-profit business, with the 20% difference being what makes the social enterprise business model both challenging and exciting.

While the mainstream business sector realises that it can learn much from the social enterprise sector, not-for-private-profit enterprises have much they can learn from the private sector.

Below are a selection of resources – articles, websites, quotes and tips from a wide range of sources – for better business. Much is common sense but, to mis-quote Voltaire, ‘common sense isn’t always as common as we would like it to be’.

100 social enterprise truths

Celebrating Social Enterprise Day 2014 by re-visiting these wise words from social entrepreneurs who speak from (sometimes bitter) experience

An A-Z of Social Entrepreneurship

Published to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week, a very personal and random selection

Pause and consider…

That wise ‘man of lists’ Nicholas Bate at Strategic Edge in Oxfordshire has come up with his 101 reflections which should be on everybody’s reading list. If you don’t have time to read them it means you need to!

Marketing: Recommended reading                                                                                                      (tip – order online from Hive and support local bookshops…)

15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses by Dee Blick

15 Marketing Masterclasses






Watertight marketing  by Bryony Thomas   see also

Watertight marketing cover







Made to Stick cover

Made to stick

Jelly Effect cover

The Jelly Effect






More wise words from people who know what they’re talking about …

Essential marketing questions  ( from Seth Godin)… and do sign up to Seth Godin’s regular blog posts

10 tips for a website that gets results ( from Valuable Content)

Presentation tips (from Kurt Harden) – these tips also apply to many other forms of communications

What is content strategy? (from Valuable Content) also recommended –

Make your offer accessible (from Seth Godin)

How to write ethical Marketing Copy (from The 7 Graces of Marketing)

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Start-up advice How to start a social enterprise on a shoe-string 5 start-up habits to maximise your productivity 6 tips to get social enterprise trading 5 Essential Truths to make running your business (and your life) easier Learn about legal structures here.                                                            But note: This is no substitute for professional advice  More on legal structures  

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