Working well

Working well…  covers the broad theme of health and wellbeing for organisations and the people who work in them.  It’s about people, process, good practice and … knowing how to relax.


November 2014

Leadership and management

The role of warmth in leadership

How to manage effectively

Understanding workplace personalities

How to manage your boss

Personal development

Achieve by having systems not goals

10 quotes to sustain you through the entrepreneurship marathon

101 Ways to be more intelligent

29 ways to boost your creativity

Networking tips

8 ways to improve your e-mailing

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October 2014

Winter draws on – time to increase your productivity and communication skills

Productivity tips from successful business people

Productivity advice from Nicholas Bate

How to become a stress-free productivity super-hero

10 myths about productivity

Make your staff workspace more productive

A productivity technique that works for me – ‘pomodoro’

Named by the Italian inventor of the technique  – he used a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato (which in Italian is ‘pomodoro’) It works for me when I have a deadline to meet and can willingly be distracted by any other more interesting items on my ‘to-do’ list.

Set your timer to 25 minutes and get on with the task in hand until it rings, bleeps, whatever. At that moment, stop what you’re doing (even in mid-sentence) and do something different for exactly 5 minutes. This could be a cup of coffee, a very short walk, or some tweeting. Return for three further 25-minute timed stints with 5 minute breaks in between. After two hours of this routine, take a proper break.

You can vary the time periods, but the idea is to keep each period short enough for you not to lose momentum, concentration, or the thread of what you’re working on. More at

Communicating more effectively….

Improve your Powerpoint

Cheat sheet for public speaking

Developing brand ambassadors

September 2014 

Bring a bit of sunshine into your office – the Danish way

The PALM approach to better meetings

Project management tips – what not to do

Time management tips

The benefits of taking a break at lunchtime

Changing your habits to change the world

Authenticity: about being yourself

August 2014

When quality time is sitting down and thinking

Is this summer the time to reflect on how you measure success?

Time to review time-wasters

Time to work less and get more done

Time to turn your office green

Make time for digital de-cluttering

Making your most important work a project

Time to get control of your life

And finally…

Silly season?

July 2014

Take time out… to re-imagine work

Recreation – it’s about boosting your energy levels

Time to think about being busy….

 Ways to beat those summer time distractions

 Making more time for life

Do you and your organisation a favour – take a break

 A bit of holiday reading (for small charities)

17 hidden costs that could dampen your holiday spirits

 June 2014

Have your manager and captain got what it takes?

How to win the cup

You’ll be a winner if you follow these 101 tips from top coach Nicholas Bate

Winning is about marginal gains

Risking a long shot could be your best move yet

3 questions to ask your players

Improve your half-time team talks

And finally…  If all else fails, consider a transfer

 May 2014

Make it simply better

Stop being busy

Put a spring in your step

Fun ways to maintain staff productivity

Some tips on problem-solving

15 ways to stay positive at work

Any finally, a little assessment exercise….

Are you focusing on what’s important in your life?

April 2014

Abandon busy-ness  embrace effectiveness 

50 simple things to do to increase your productivity (at work and home)

Measures to assess your organisational health   

All about lists

Prioritisation – how to find what is really important

And finally…

Don’t forget to balance online communication with real relationships   

March 2014

Spring is for planting and growing

Climate change (at work)

Slow down to nature’s pace

When it comes to innovation – are you a gardener or an architect?

Creating a growing environment (in your office)

Seeds to plant and nurture (in your team)

Make space to breath (in your day)

Create a fallow period (in your week)

Tools to help your enterprise grow

And finally…

Go wild: Just before Christmas I discovered this amazing social and environmental business. I can recommend their ‘make your own kits’ – therapy and productivity in tiny balls!  Great gifts for nature lovers.

February 2014

More healthy habits

10 lessons I’d teach my younger self

9 ‘time-wasters’ that are actually productive

Sleep your way to success

Could a wellbeing diary be good for you?

The benefits of Mindfulness at work

Hate exercise? Read on

Peak Health 7

A simple idea to make space in a busy week

Healthy habits to save money

And finally …

We all know that laughter is good for you, so sit back and enjoy this short clip. If you’ve ever been involved in a conference call, you’ll know how true this is!

January 2014

 Suggestions for a happy and healthy year

Kickstart the year by being green… if you’re still surrounded by Christmas debris and unwanted items here are a few waste-conscious ways to make space

Toolkit for a professional/ personal makeover: What better time to take stock with this free resource 

Four quick tips to avoid stress

3 books:

If you have a long commute to work or you simply want to make time to read more books…

You only better

The Antedote

The power of doing less

If you order online through the Hive network, you get the books cheaper and you support local bookshops!

Wise words for the new year and on productivity

 And finally…

 A creative idea to inspire you in 2014 do watch it to the end – it’s only 3.5 minutes of your time


December 2013

A way with a manger – making space for productivity and creativity

Change where you sit to increase your productivity: Where you sit in an office has a lot to do with your productivity. Simple moves and adjustments where you are in the room, in which room you are and to which direction you are faced in your room have surprisingly huge meaning.

Redefining workspace: Businesses should think about how their workspace affects productivity, staff morale and image. The perfect match in terms of budget and facilities may have the wrong vibe or address for staff and customers.

Growing productivity: Desk plants may spruce up a place, but whether they have psychological powers in addition to visual charm is another matter… 

Which workspaces help the famously creative?  From tiny writing desks to giant painting studios, the only thing all of these creative studios have in common is that they inspired their successful inhabitants to create greatness.

Christmas is coming

A poster with a story: Some timely advice as we speed towards the hysteria that is Christmas, all in aid of a good cause

The gift or learning: As Ghandi said “Live like you’re going to die tomorrow, learn like you’re going to live forever.” Something for all ages…

Inspirational stationery and books: to inspire simple and effective actions to change the world

#Unplug: How to Work Hard and Still Have a Life: The title of this e-book pretty much says what it’s about

Buy Social this Christmas: ‘Buy Social’ is a 2-year campaign to encourage people to buy from social enterprise and promote inter-trading between social enterprise and the public, private and voluntary sectors. What better time to chose social businesses than for your seasonal gifts, but remember, buying social is not just for Christmas…  and

Beyond the office – something for the festive break

Office and family – avoiding conflict; for peace and goodwill throughout the festive season, learn some skills from everyday situations

50 ways to lead a more fulfilling life: lots of lovely ideas – many easily achievable

How to be more intelligent: more wise words about practical ways to smarten up

November 2013

Management tips: 11 tips for survival in the world of management from Joe Saxton, founder of including ‘Listen first, talk second’ and ‘Forget strategy,  think priorities’. More at

Better ways of working

Think big, act small: “If you don’t have actions. Nothing will happen. If you don’t set your goal and set your mind to specific results, you will do a lot, but never reach what you want.” says Rami Rantala Find out what else he has to say at

On productivity

Something for the weekend: Sometimes time-management skills and practices are best developed away from the office – when you have an opportunity to think outside (no box required). Get tips from productivity guru Graham Allcott at

Overcoming your perfectionism: If perfectionism is the enemy of completion for you, at least some of the time, this advice is for you

Internet productivity tools: We’re all guilty of spending too much time screen-watching. These 15 websites will help make that time online more productive

Creativity and innovation

Brainstorming doesn’t work:  It is not very good at providing you with creative ideas. It is even worse if you want a highly creative idea to implement. I have criticised brainstorming in the past, but I have yet to compile my anti-brainstorming thoughts into a single article. Until now!” Read more from Jeffrey Baumgartner at

How Anti Conventional Thinking works: So if brainstorming is unhelpful – what is? ‘anticonventional thinking’ (ACT) is one suggestion. Find out the 4 steps to ACT here

Healthy habits

6 rules for coping with stress Short and sensible advice – including ‘be honest’ and ‘stay in the moment’. Take a look at for all 6

 Beyond your office…

Why work doesn’t happen at work: We all know the best ideas don’t come at your desk (but often in bed, at the bar, on the bog, or in the bath). Watch this 20 minute talk to find out about obstacles to work and ways around them

 And finally…

The Scarecrow:  A schmaltzy or sweet (depending on your mood!) 3 minute film about unnatural food production from the ‘marketing men’ at a Mexican grill restaurant chain. Can over 7M viewers on YouTube be wrong? You decide


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