There’s a relatively new kid on the ‘recycle, repair, re-use, reduce’ block – re-purpose. Nothing new to those of the ‘make-do-and-mend’ generation but making a come back in the age of austerity and concern about the survival of our planet. Re-purposing explained…

Great to see and smell…                                


Better to drink…








As Wikipedia suggests, repurposing has actually been around as long as human civilization but I’m a fairly recent converts. The appeal for me is that it’s about problem-solving, creating something, saving money and being green all at the same time.

One of my favourite examples of re-purposing is at Royston Domestic Appliances where they use an old washing machine door as a water bowl for hot dogs passing their shop.

Here are some re-purposing ideas I’ve had a hand in…

Two taps to towel rail








Coathangers to …. coat hangers  






Over bath …                                               … to under shower









Glasses case to phone and pencil case and TV remote to pencil case









Ice cream carton to ‘temporary’ junction box








Bike brake handle hook, disposable razor hooks, fork hook, garden fork hook 













Roadside recovery – hub caps to herb hub, mirror, clock, notice board 








Calcium tablet tubes to pencil holder and sharpener, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and phone charger cable tidy














Slipper sock to car cleaner








     Garden chair to standing desk