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Enterprise essential – be a mystery shopper

How does your enterprise appear from the outside? Try phoning up or writing for information (anonymously of course) for information and find out! For smaller organisations, ask a friend to do this for you and ask them to note how well the enquiry was handled. Alert staff that ‘mystery shoppers’ will be in touch in the coming weeks.


Enterprise essential – polish the window on your world

A good website can be a highly cost-effective way to generate new business and meet needs for essential information, advice and support 24 hours a day. A bad website – with out of-date information, poor navigation, and unhelpful content and design – can kill your enterprise. Make sure your website builds your brand.


Enterprise essential – Everything communicates

Whether you like it or not, and even if you do nothing actively to influence it, people will make judgements about you and your enterprise. Perception is everything and, whether this is also reality, is up to you. From the start, you should communicate your plans positively, clearly and accurately. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.