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The stiff upper lip re-visited

IMG_8012The stiff upper lip revisited 

It’s day 20 of Movember – 30 days of moustache-growing around the world to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, in particular testicular and prostate cancer, mental ill health and inactivity.

The idea is that each mo [moustache] starts a conversation – ‘what is that!’ and other such mo-ckery.  Since men are notoriously reluctant to talk about their personal health (‘sitting on the symptoms’ as my GP put it when talking about piles) shining the spotlight on men’s health for at least 30 days each year can’t be a bad thing.

Almost exactly a year ago I posted a blog about my efforts to get an emergency appointment at my nearest hospital which turned out to be slower than my regular appointment. Well, 45 weeks later my in-out, on-off, love-hate relationship with the hospital continues, which partly explains my mo-tivation for Movember this year.

I thought I’d try to start a conversation with a moustache and a blog – my first for many months.

To cut a long story short, after a difficult summer, caused in part by complications after a biopsy, the good news is that I don’t have prostate cancer. But a fellow choir member does.  I’ll need surgery but, as I’ve been on the waiting list since August with no date for the operation on the horizon, it would appear to be ‘non-urgent’.  Which makes me very grateful for my good health; the least I can do is to go without shaving my top lip for 30 days to support people like singer Peter.

This year – my third with face fungus – I’m growing two moustaches. After a public vote about which mo to grow, votes for the ‘rock star’ and ‘trucker’ were topped by an offer from my friend John up in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to double his donation if I grow both!

Silly – yes, but why not have a bit of fun sparking conversations about a deadly serious subject? Another friend Carl walks two paces behind me when we go into town, and Jeremy in London is offering to donate again next year if I don’t grow a mo. With friends like that who needs…etc

If you want to see my top lip twins, go to http://mobro.co/chrisinroyston where you can help make all the effort worthwhile by edging me towards my £600 fundraising target – I’m only a whisker away (pun intended).

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